Aquamarine-Wave Honolulu  x
Watermaniac’s Excuse Me Mrs. B
NHSB nr. 3022574
D.O.B. October 24, 2015

Stamboom / Pedigree

Aquamarine-Wave Honolulu CH. Tjotte’s Now or Never Ch. Cassatas Alladin Aces Rocksteady By Night
CH. Cassatas
Ever Bossanova
Tjotte’s Babysitters Banner Muskelunge
CH. Imp’s
Strictly Business
CH Farbourne’s Dutch Wave CH Rocheby Royal Marine CH. Kupros
Master Mariner
Rocheby Shady Lady
Farbourne’s Fortune Cookie Stormley Mackintosh
Penny Royal’s
Set Point
Excuse me Mrs. B
CH. Arthus Sarracenia
Majestic Chameleon
Buttonwood McIntosh CH. Beechcroft
Study in Black
CH. Buttonwood
Fox Hill Ivy
Wenie Malmesbury
Sable Blues
CH. Tapeatom
Choir Master
CH. Domenika
Sable Blues
All Stars Alberta
CH. Brockburrow
Cassanova in Linjor
CH. Linjor Valentino
Eneleon Amethyst
Vive Hermesi
of Hanging Rock
Van the Man
CH. Dolphingham