Fair-Court’s Dream Ambassador

NHSB nr. 2408027 – D.O.B. July 04, 2002

HD A and Elbows Clear / Current Eye-Certificate

VetGen BB-ee(Y) / OptiGen tested A normal/clear

Stamboom / Pedigree

Penny Royal’s Stop the Music Musical’s Crest of the Waves Winnie’s Copied to Match
Guideline’s Chin Wagger
Penny Royal’s Betty Boop Ch. Rocheby Royal Marine
Farbourne’s Once Upon a Time
Jayncourt Secret Star Jayncourt Star-Striker Jayncourt Star Tradition
Jayncourt Moonbeam
Edwards Liberty at Jayncourt Jayncourt Star Edition
Jayncourt Summer Wedding


12-05-12 LCD Specialty in Alpen, Germany. Judge June Sasaki.
Winner Champion Class, Best Dog, BOB.

09.05.10 VDH-Europasieger in Dortmund, judge Jackie Hodge.
Best of Breed with title VDH-EUROPASIEGER 2010

08.05.10 LCD-Spezialschau in Alpen, judge John Stevens.
2nd in Champion Class with Reserve VDH-CHA

20.02.10 LCD-Spezialschau in Obernkirchen, judge Caron Morton.
2nd in Champion Class with Reserve VDH-CHA

09.01.10 Int. dogshow in Hoogstraten, judge Filip Johnsson.
BOS with CAC & CACIB< Champion International d'Exposition

12.12.09 Brussels Winner, judge Mariette Verrees.
2nd in Champion Class with Reserve CAC & CACIB

29.11.09 Winner Show in Amsterdam, judge Elina Tan-Hielalahti.
2nd in Champion Class

21.11.09 LCD-Spezialschau in Bochum, judge David Wilmshurst.
4th in Champions Class

15.11.09 Eurodogshow in Kortrijk, judge Margaret Brown.
1st in Champion Class

07.11.09 Int. dogshow in Bleiswijk, judge Eeva Rautala.
Best of Breed with CACIB & CAC

25.10.09 Int. Show in Leuven, judge Wera Hubenthal.
1st in Champion Class with Reserve CAC & CACIB

10.10.09 Retriever World Club Show in Bratislava, judge Richard Wiles.
Excellent in Champion Class

03.10.09 Bundessiegershow in Tulln, judge Carole Coode.
3rd in Champion Class

19.09.09 DRC Spezialzuchtschau in Winnenden, judge S. Ellis.

12.09.09 Jubileeshow 25 years LCD in Paderborn, judge Agnes May Pollock.
2nd in Champion Class with VDH-CHA Res.

30.08.09 Int. show Rotterdam, judge A. Brankovich.
2nd in Champion Class

08.08.09 LCD-Spezialschau in Stolbergn, judge Allan Taylor.
2nd in Champion Class with VDH-CHA Res.

19.07.09 Retriever Club Show “Mertert 2009”, judge Richard Stafford.

28.06.09 LCD-Spezialschau in Knittlingen, judge Pieta van Dee.
2nd in Open Class with Reserve CAC & VDH-CHA.

21.06.09 NLV Clubmatch in Bennekom, judge Pauline Mortier.
Excellent in Open Class

07-06-09, LCD-Clubschau in Gießen-Lich, judge Maureen Floyd.
1st in Open Class, VDH-CHA.

06-06-09, Int. Show in Neumünster, judge Karen Walsh.
Best dog, CAC, CACIB & VDH-CHA.

31-05-09, dogshow Arnhem, judge Frans van der Linden.
Best dog, Best of Breed, CAC, DUTCH CHAMPION

02-05-09 LCD-Spezialschau in Alpen, judge Eeva Rautula.
Best dog, CAC & VDH-CHA. keurverslag

01.05.09 VDH-Europasieger in Dortmund, judge Gunilla Ek.
1st in Open Class with CAC, VDH-CHA & Res, CACIB keurverslag

25-04-09, Dogshow Goes, judge Joke v.d. Bosch.
1st in Open Class with res. CAC & Res CACIB

14-03-09 Int show Hazerswoude, judge Rinie Leenen.
2nd in Open Class.

07-03-09 Crufts in Birmingham, judge Mrs M P Gill.
Not placed in Open Class

28-02-09 Martini dogs how in Leeuwarden
2nd in Open Class, judge Hannele Jokisilta. (SF)

21-02-09 LCD-Spezialschau, Obernkirchen, judge Rinie Leenen.
Best dog, CAC & VDH-CHA.

06-02-09 Int. show in Eindhoven, judge Frans v.d. Linden.
Best dog, Best of Breed, CAC & CACIB. keurverslag

17-01-09 Int. show in Nürnberg, judge Bolette Heering. (DK)
1st place, res. CAC, res CACIB & VDH-CHA in intermediate class.

30-11-08 Winner show in Amsterdam
2nd place in intermediate class, judge Andrew Brace, (GB)

25.10.08 Utrecht
3rd place, Judge: Mr. R.W. Wiles (GB)

17.10.08 Bundessieger in Dortmund
2nd place, res. CAC & res. VDH-CHA, Judge: Mrs M. Ermshausen (D)

28.09.08 Maastricht
1st place, BOB, CAC, CACIB, Judge: Rinie Leenen

27.09.08 LCD-Spezialzuchtschau in Vlotho
1st place, BOS, CAC, VDH-CHA, Judge: Philippe Lammens (F)

14.09.08 IJsselshow in Zwolle
1st place, res. CAC & res. CACIB, Judge: Mr. A. Thovar y Del Solar (E)

06.09.08 DRC-Spezialzuchtschau in Lich
1st place, CAC, VDH-CHA, Judge: Mrs S. Sando (N)

24.08.08 LCD-Work & Show, Schloss Mayland
1st place, CAC, VDH-CHA, Judge: Barbara Krumpak (SL)

17.08.08 LCD-Spezialzuchtschau in Beckum
4th place, Intermediate class, Judge: Michael Silva (USA)

20.07.08 Luxemburg,
3rd Excellent under Susanna Wiles

19.07.08 Paderborn,
1st with Res. CAC under Linda Heron

13.07.08 Timmerlage,
BOS with CAC under Pieta van Dee

29.06.08 Meisdorf,
1st with CAC under Noreen Harris (AUS)

28.06.08 Uden,
BOB with CAC under Mrs L. Mc. Gillivray (UK)
Dylan is now “Dutch Junior Champion”

22.06.08 Bennekom,
3rd under Mrs F. Braddon (UK)

21.06.08 Stelle,
BOB with CAC under Mrs L. Tooth

08.06.08 Gießen-Lich,
2nd with Res.JCAC under Lene Johansen
Dylan is now “Deutscher Jugend Champion”

07.06.08 Hoisdorf,
2nd Excellent under C.B. Søndergaard

25.05.08 Bennekom,
1st Res. CAC under Mr J.Doval

24.05.08 Gießen,
2nd Res. JCAC under Anthony Allen

11.05.08 Arnhem,
excellent under Mrs E. Hogg

04.05.08 Dortmund (D)
Excellent under Beate Ting

03.05.08 Alpen (D)
BOS, JCAC, best junior under Zoltan Kiss

20.04.08 Lingen (D)
JCAC, best junior under Dagmar Winter

24.03.08 Leeuwarden,
4th excellent under Mrs C. Coode

15.03.08 Offenburg,
excellent under Marie-Luise Doppelreiter

01.03.08 Groningen,
very good under Jo Schepers

09.02.08 Eindhoven,
4th excellent under Mrs A. Williams

25.11.07 Amsterdam,
Jeugdwinner 2007, qualified for Crufts 2009

04.11.07 Bleiswijk,
2nd Excellent in de Jeugd klasse under E. Boermans

22.09.07 LCD-Spezialzuchtschau in Vlotho
2nd place, Junior class,
Judge: Ann Lavelle (GB)

26.08.07 Rotterdam,
Best puppy under Ronnie Doedijns